Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Plan your strategies

Today constable Julie came to room 23 for our second DARE (Drugs Abuse Resistance Education).

First of all we talked about strategies for different problems such as what to do if I have a headache, feel worthless or my friend is taking drugs.

Then we started talking about how friends can effect the game of life and what qualities a good friend has. "Like attracts like!"

Afterwards we started to talk about why young people start using drugs. We got some EXCUSES such as being depressed, peer pressure, being curious or NOT THINKING!

Next we played a game called "beep". In this game we had to get everyone across a maze of squares without touching any bad squares and learn from our mistakes.

We learnt to make strategies and thank constable Julie for taking time to come to room 23.

By Harry Cr

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