Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writing - Taking to the next level

Check out how we me made a boring sentence far more interesting today....

"The walked to the house at the end of the street."

I strode confidently to the crumbly, black ruins of the cottage at the end of the silent, isolated street while thunder coughed and lightning slit the sky’s throat.

By Margo, Matthew & Wilson

Fearfully, I walked slowly towards the deserted, crumbled old house at the end of the dark cobbled alleyway. The smashed up glass stuck out as if it was trying to push me away.

By Molly and Mia

I slowly strutted down the street as I saw the gloomy old abandoned house.

Fearfully listening to the doors creak, I walked down the to the end of the road and felt a slither down my spine.

By Olivia S

It was a blooming hot day, I felt the sunlight on my back. I strolled to the massive mansion at the of the rocky road.

By Ella & Dorrie

I strolled to the vintage house at the end of the gloomy, abandoned road. I felt the breeze push it’s way through my hair.

By Ruby

I slowly crept nervously towards the old broken down deserted house at the end of the spooky cold street

By Greta and Amy

I scampered into a mansion. I was anxious to get to the living room. I gleamed at the sign that said “money room 2 metres ahead. Take a left and you’re there.” I was trapped drowning in money.

By Elliott

I glanced at the spooky rotten old house. I decided to go over and check it out. I bowled over to the forgotten mansion then I woke up from my nightmare.

By Lyndon & Billy

I slugged my way to my drenched but colourful mansion.

By William and Oscar

The golden sunshine dancing on my face and the balmy breeze rustling in my hair, I joyfully strolled to the mansion at number 83 located at the end of the brick lane.

By Amy O & Hannah

Monday, August 22, 2011


To kick start our Festivals unit last week we got a little crafty!

In groups we had 30 minutes to construct a simple craft from different festivals celebrated around the world. We then shared with everyone the significance of this craft (symbol) with the class.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Peace Week 2011

Last week our Peer Mediators organised a series of fun lunch time activities for everyone to promote Peace Week. Click on the movie below to see the highlights of the week.

A special thanks to Amy & Amy in Room 13 for creating this great movie.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wearable Art skill building - sewing

While the netballers were away today the rest of us spent the day sewing (another useful skills for wearable arts preparation). We perfected the art of threading the needle, knot tying (not as easy as it sounds), basic stitching, zig-zagging, attaching buttons and beads and even stitching flower designs!

Wearable Art skill building - Training Day

We had a great day last Friday learning new skills and getting ideas for our final artwork.
It was lots of fun because the whole year 5/6 team worked together in the hall.
We worked in groups of four and had a limited time-frame in which to come up with an outfit to walk down the catwalk. The teachers also limited the materials we could use so we had to get creative. Our outfits also had to show examples of weaving, sewing and folding.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten Top Tips for Narrative Writing

Our writing focus for this term is Narrative. Our first task of the unit was to brainstorm what makes a great story. We worked to groups to decide on 10 top tips for a great story.
Our next step is to share back our ideas to the class to develop a success criteria for our future writing...watch this space!

Wearable Art skill building

Today we took part in our first skill building session in preparing for creating our wearable art. Today's focus was weaving.

How could you incorporate this skill into your design?