Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wrting Blog update

Our Writing Blog has been updated this week. It has some quality examples of myths we have written about how Matiu Island ended up in Wellington Harbour. Click here to have a read

Performing Arts with Mrs Hooke

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nearly Ready for Making Week!

Today we got into groups and discussed our designs for Wearable Arts. We had to explain the following to our group members:

* What our design would look like,
* How we were going to make it,
* What materials we are going to use.

Our designs are looking really great on paper. How will they look this time next week???

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who are we Inquiry

Last week the children of Room 15 started their personal inquiry on an aspect of New Zealand history. The idea is for every child in the class to become an expect in one area and then teach someone at home about what they have discovered.

We started by making a big question that we wanted to know the answer to. This is an open question that required lots of information to answer it. We then thought of sub questions that would help us answer the big question.

Last Thursday we used the www to find the answers to our questions. It was tough going because we had to do a lot of skimming and scanning to find the correct information quickly.

We still have a lot of information to find. It is really important to use other sources to find information like looking in reference books and asking an expert!

Below is the rubric we are using to to reflect on the learning process and to help us keep on track.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Material for Wearable Arts

Our planning and preparation for Wearable Arts is well underway. All of the children have decided on a design and have started to nut out what materials they will need to construct it.
I have mentioned to the class the importance of reusing 'unwanted' material rather than buying a whole lot of stuff. We have made a list of what material people need so they can potentially source it from other homes. Below is a list of what is needed so far. If you have any of these items and you don't mind giving them away they can be brought into school for making week in wk7.

* Tin foil
* Bottle lids
* Old fabric
* Hokey Pokey ice cream lids
* Old CD's
* Wire
* plastic bags (any colour will do)
* Brown Paper
* Newspaper
* Magazines

If you have anything else that you think might be useful we would really appreciate it!

Thanks for your help