Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The History of Communication

For Inquiry this term Room 15 are learning about how we keep connected with people throughout the world using different modes of communication.
This week we brainstormed all of the different types of communication we knew and then ranked them in order from what we thought was the oldest to the newest.

We want to find out if we are right so we have developed some questions that we think will help us confirm our answers.

We would really like as many people to answer these questions as possible. Please leave a comment with your answers along with your name and your age (if you don't mind!)

Can you please make your responses really specific so it helps us with our inquiry.

1) What modes of communication were around when you were 10 years old?
2) How did you use this mode of communication to stay connected with people?
3) Did you use a landline phone to keep connected with your friends and family when you were 10 years old?
4) When did you get your first cell phone?
5) Have you ever made a message in a bottle?
6) What modes of communication did you use to hear about news around the country and the world?
7) Did you ever receive a telegram? When was it?
8) When you received a gift from someone, how did you reply to say thank you?

Thank you very much for helping us answer our questions. We will let you know soon if our guesses were correct.


Room 15

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calendar Art

We have finished our fabulous art for our calendar fundraiser.
This term we are studying text in art. In this activity we used the internet to explore and gather a variety of font types. We also tried to find letter formations in photos and other images.
We then used these images to create a message which we create on Comic Life. We had to think carefully about the layout and design of our art.

What do you think?

Room 15 Dance

Over the past couple of weeks the children of Room 15 have been working with Mrs Hooke to create a dance. We had to include, locomotion, canon balling, mirroring and freezing. Check out the final product in the video below.

Well done everyone!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Powhiri - A Welcoming Ceremony

This week Room 15 is learning about the different sections of a Maori Powhiri. Most of us have taken part in powhiri at school but do we know what its all about?

Check out the video below (its in 7 parts). Can you identify all the different parts of the powhiri?

We will be learning more about these terms throughout the week.

Sections of the Powhiri:


Click here to learn more about the Powhiri ceromony.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Room 15's Pepeha

This week Room 15 are learning to say a pepeha to introduce themselves. Pepeha are sayings that emphasise a person’s origins and connections with the land and their whakapapa (genealogy) conveying a great deal of meaning and cultural information.

Ko _____________________ toku waka. (canoe)
Ko _____________________ toku iwi. (tribe)
Ko _____________________ toku maunga (mountain)
Ko _____________________ toku awa (river)
Ko _____________________ toku kainga (place you live)
Ko _____________________ toku whanau (family name)
Ko _____________________ toku whaea (mother)
Ko _____________________ toku matua (father)
Ko _____________________ toku ingoa (personal name)