Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Line Dancing!

This is our last week with Constable Julie. In one of our last sessions she taught us how to line dance! Some of us managed to make the dance their own!

Monday, October 29, 2012

DARE: Alcohol - Facts

Today we were learning about Alcohol and the consequences. We teamed up and told the class about different facts and advice. After each group, we brainstormed ideas and facts that we learnt. Some facts that room 23 learnt are:

- 100 mls of wine takes 1hr to dilute out of your body.

- Alcohol dehydrates your body

- Slows down recovery and injuries.

- Die from alcohol poisoning

- Causes stomach, breast, liver, and brain cancer.

At the end of the session we played a game were we lined up in two lines and someone would walk down he middle. All of us would then whisper a quote like- Stay Strong.. It was very creepy but the point was that you should listen to the little voice in your head.

By Gabriella.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DARE- Marijuana and smoking

We started off with looking at marijuana.

Group1: They told us about marijuana and what it contains. It has 400 chemicals! It also contains cannabis which can stay in your body for 6 weeks.

Group 2: What are the costs of smoking marijuana?
Some countries won't let you in you can lose money, you won't be employed for jobs and many more.

Group 3:
What are the costs of marijuana?

If you are the supplier or dealer- 8 years jail.
Growing-2 years and/or $2000 fine
Possession/smoking- 3 months jail/and or $500 fine

Group4: Short term effects:
Bloodshot eyes, Burning throat and bad cough, hallucinations, a single session may cause paranoia, panic and anxiety

Group 5:
Women who smokes marijuana while pregnant can cause the baby to be born and have an unhealthy life.

Julie then showed us what smoking does to your lungs. She demonstrated with a bottle and had the cigarette on top with the lungs in the bottle.

She showed how much smoke filled lungs after one smoke. We were all amazed by how much smoke was in the bottle that

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stop drugs

Today Comstable Julie came in to talk to us about drugs. She helped us learn that drugs are not ok.

We read the definition on drugs that most of as didn't understand so we took some steps to find out what it meant.

We put all the drugs into 5 groups and found out what they do. Next we gave some examples of stuff we need to live. After we stated drugs we need to live. We next found out what some words meant.

Next we played a game and found out how much we a know about drugs.



Technicrafts Woodwork group.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drawing in perspective

This is a nice little art activity we did this afternoon.
This art is looking out to horizon and this seen to be a very interesting art topic.


Athletics Practice

This week, Room 23 have been training for the School Athletics in week 4.

We have been focusing on the High Jump mainly, as it is the event we need most practice in.

Here are some photos of them in action!

The Evolution of the Telephone

Over the past few days we have been studying the evolution of the telephone. One of the things we had to do was come up with the latest generation of the phone. We had to draw our phone and we had to come up with the features (new features and innovations), the purpose (who it was directed at), what accessories it came with and the price.
Watch this space for phone ideas once we are finished.

By Ella

Plan your strategies

Today constable Julie came to room 23 for our second DARE (Drugs Abuse Resistance Education).

First of all we talked about strategies for different problems such as what to do if I have a headache, feel worthless or my friend is taking drugs.

Then we started talking about how friends can effect the game of life and what qualities a good friend has. "Like attracts like!"

Afterwards we started to talk about why young people start using drugs. We got some EXCUSES such as being depressed, peer pressure, being curious or NOT THINKING!

Next we played a game called "beep". In this game we had to get everyone across a maze of squares without touching any bad squares and learn from our mistakes.

We learnt to make strategies and thank constable Julie for taking time to come to room 23.

By Harry Cr

Monday, October 15, 2012

One and Two Point Perspective

Are you a participant in the Game of Life?

We had a great first session with Constable Julie today.

We started by focusing on getting involved in discussion, share your ideas, get involved, be a player in the game of life!

We then brainstormed all the types of drugs we know of and discussed what we would like to find out about drugs.

Later, we brainstormed all the positive things about being our age - using every letter of the alphabet!

Finally, we shared some words of wisdom - proverbs to live life by.

What a great first sessions, we are really looking forward to tomorrow!!