Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DARE- Marijuana and smoking

We started off with looking at marijuana.

Group1: They told us about marijuana and what it contains. It has 400 chemicals! It also contains cannabis which can stay in your body for 6 weeks.

Group 2: What are the costs of smoking marijuana?
Some countries won't let you in you can lose money, you won't be employed for jobs and many more.

Group 3:
What are the costs of marijuana?

If you are the supplier or dealer- 8 years jail.
Growing-2 years and/or $2000 fine
Possession/smoking- 3 months jail/and or $500 fine

Group4: Short term effects:
Bloodshot eyes, Burning throat and bad cough, hallucinations, a single session may cause paranoia, panic and anxiety

Group 5:
Women who smokes marijuana while pregnant can cause the baby to be born and have an unhealthy life.

Julie then showed us what smoking does to your lungs. She demonstrated with a bottle and had the cigarette on top with the lungs in the bottle.

She showed how much smoke filled lungs after one smoke. We were all amazed by how much smoke was in the bottle that

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