Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Beautful Lilies

WALT: Draw what we see, not what we think we can see.


Amy O said...

P-Painting the lilies was fun and I liked having art with Mrs Allen
M-It was REALLY hard
I-Did you know that the thingys in the middle of a lily are called stigma and stamen?

Ruby said...

P:They were very fun to do and look very good.
M:We only had a quick amount of time.
I:They all looked different.


dorrie said...

Plus:I love art and we got to do it and it was FUN!
Minus:We had to do then really really quick!
Interesting:Mine was good and they all looked different!

Margo said...

P-Painting the lilies in the afternoon with Mrs.Allen was very relaxing-and it brought back Abba music!
M-I don't think I really had enough time-I was a bit rushed.
I-It was interesting that I found copying photos of the lilies much easier than the actual flowers.