Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome Yas!

Room 13 have been lucky enough to have a special visitor in our classroom over the past week. Her name is Yas and she is all the way from beautiful Malaysia. Yas is currently studying at Victoria University to become an English teacher back in her home country.

Yesterday Yas shared a presentation with us all about herself and life in Malaysia. She started by showing us some traditional dress that she wears in her country.

Later, she taught us how to play two traditional Malaysian games. The first one was called Batu Seremban. This was very similar to what we call knuckle bones except in Malaysia you play with pebbles.

The final game was called Lat-tali lat ta li tam plom! This game can be used in many different ways life like for deciding who has to clean up, making teams or elimination.

Thanks Yas for sharing your knowledge with us. We had heaps of fun and learned a lot!


williamm said...

looks like you guys had some fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Yas was awsome.I really enjoyed Batu Seremban and Lat-tali lat li tam.It was a bit annoying because it was had to understand she when she talked.Yas's talk on Malaysia was very interesting.
P.S. I miss Yas very much