Monday, May 17, 2010

Stan pays us a visit.

Today Room 15 was visited by Stan Swan, our local solar scientist. He shared with us the benefits of solar energy plus explained why we have seasons. We then got to making! We were each given an average solar garden lamp to dismantle so we could create a new use for it. We all had a heap of fun. Thanks Stan!


Mrs Ryan said...

Fantastic hands on science going on in your classroom Room 12!
I hope you will have some of your creations at school on class photo day.
I am coming in to school then(Tuesday) and would love to see and hear about them!
Mrs Ryan

Zoƫ's Blog said...

Cool science!

Anonymous said...

[minus] i wish we couldve made some more things too. from maddy

Anonymous said...

[plus] it was so fun making a light for my bedroom from maddy

Anonymous said...

[interesting] how many ways you can make out of the light from maddy

Anonymous said...


the things he did with the light looked really cool


the lights broke really easily


there wwere so many things you could make

from Rose

Matthew Anderson said...

.it was really cool making those lights! :)

.I wish that we could have made more things. :(

.it was really interesting that you can make so many things with solar lamps!!!!!!:|