Monday, May 17, 2010

Pencil Sketches

Check out our completed pencil sketches! We have spend a long time on these pieces trying to perfect our tones and shades. We needed to remember to draw what we saw not what we think we saw.

What do you think?


Room14 said...

Wow! These are amazing! I am really proud of your class. You really got the hang of tone and drawing what you see and not what you think you see!
Great teaching Mr D! This isn't an easy task.
Mrs A

original heART said...

Brilliant sketches!!!!!

Cahon holden said...

Doing the sketches was hard but I'm glad I managed to finish it.Great work room15=).

Zoƫ's Blog said...

Awesome sketches! keep up the good work!!

Annie said...

these look great
Annie!and Sadie!

Anonymous said...

[plus] all of room 15s art sketches were amazing from maddy

Anonymous said...

[interesting]there are some really good artists in our class from maddy

Anonymous said...

[minus] my sketch didnt turn out so well from maddy

celine malama said...

.mine turned out awesome!
.i took my time to make it neat!
.lots of people liked mine and said nice comments to me!

.the tone was the hardest!
.i mostly had alot of darkest in my picture because of my hair which meant that i used alot of time on the dark tones!

.i got better at doing it everytime!
.i didn't really need help after all!!
.i was the first to finish in the whole class!