Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Room 23 @ Te Papa

We are having a great time at Te Papa today learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. Here are just some of the facts we have discovered:

Ruby: We have learnt all about the different treaty's and what they mean. More people signed the Maori version than the English version.

Raven : I learnt that William Hobson was the one who signed and owned every treaty and he fought for rights and aproximately 500 people signed the Maori treaty instead of the English version :)

Dorrie: I learnt that the last signature was put on the treaty was on the 3 rd of september.

Molly: I learnt that over 500 Maori signed the treaty and around 38 ritosh signed it.

Sally: it took Henry Williams just overnight to translate the treaty.

Lily: the treaty was last signed on the 3 of September 1840

Mary: it was signed by the British and the Maori.
Ella: there were lots of negative comments about the treaty.
Maya: William Hobson's signature changed over time due to a stroke he developed
Angelica: Today at Te papa I learnt that the treaty was first signed on the 6th February 1840 and was last signed on the 3rd of September 1840.

Hailey : Today at Te papa I learned the treaty was signed between the Maori and the

Soren : there is two versions of the treaty the English and the Maori but they do not have the same words.

Rhys: Today we went to Te Papa and learned about the Treaty Of Waitangi. I thought that it was very interesting how the queen was treating all the Maōri people.

Troy: Today we went to Te Papa and learnt about the treaty of Waitangi it was very fun. The most interesting fact to me was the treaty was signed on 6th of February 1840. B-)

Josh: the most interesting fact to me was that 500 people signed the treaty ;)

Blair: i learnt that there are 200 treaties

Holly: I learnt that we don't have as much forest now then we use to because people burnt down the forest to make more land. :(

Mia: Today we went to Te Papa and learn't about the Treaty of Waitangi. The most interesting fact for me is that the person that translated the treaty took only one night to translate the treaty. But u would think that it would take longer. ; )

George: I learnt that the English thought they had more control over the Maori and the Maori thought that they had a bit more control over the English after the treaty was signed! :)

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Willow said...

I had so much fun! Thanks for taking us Mr D!