Friday, April 27, 2012

Science Fair Booklet

This term every child will be undertaking a scientific investigation and will be presenting their results at the Senior School Science Fair in Week 10.

Each step of the investigation process will be explained in class and the students will be given some time at school to work on their project. However the bulk of this investigation will be done at home.
Each student will receive a booklet that contains information to help them plan, research, and conduct their investigation. Here is a copy of this booklet for your reference. Your child will require support at home from you to ensure they are successful. There are many elements and a lot of work involved in a science fair project. Time management will be a very important element in a successful project. Each project will be judged at the end of the term. Several projects that are completed to a high standard will be submitted to the Annual NIWA Science Fair in Term 3.

Senior Science Fair Student Booklet

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