Friday, July 1, 2011

Uranus by Olivia, Greta and Frankie

Check this out!! It's all about the fantastic things on URANUS!! ( The perfect holiday getaway) couples retreat. sorry Mr D we stole that from you!! :)


THE MAN... WILSON said...


great work Olivia,greta and frankie.
i like the end when the music turns on (AMAZING).
OH...try to speak louder.


Greta said...

I really enjoyed doing this task! The positive about this task was that we learnt new skills in computer tecnology. The minus was that when we were doing the task it was hard to share the responsiblity of having a go at making the movie (because we all wanted to have a go at once). The interesting thing about this task was that the part when we had to match our pictures with our script.

dorrie said...

I LOVE MAKING MOVIES!The positive about movie making is we learnt how to make movies!the minus is we only got a little amount of time!the interesting one is when I heard the movie for the first time and when we had to match our pictures with our script! :)