Sunday, June 13, 2010

First round of speeches done!

The end of week 8 has also seen the end of the first round of speeches. Wow! What a fantastic effort made by everyone. The standard of the speeches this year was exceptional with a wide variety of topics chosen. Mrs Hooke and Mr Devenport had the very tough job of deciding who delivered the top 3 speeches to go through to Round 2: The Year 6 Finals. After much deliberation Carlotta, Olly and Matthew were selected to represent Room 15 this Friday. They will take on 2 Year 6's from Room 14 and 3 from Room 12. Best of luck guys!

Well done to everyone on a top job!


Cahon said...

well done Matthew,olly and carlotta hope you all do well in the speech finals(=

Anonymous said...


Carlotta said...

I am so happy that I came into the speech finals!!!

When I was doing my speech in the speech simi finals I had SOOOO much fun I also improfed so much from the class simi finals!!!

I am a little bit neervores about doing it in the hall because that means that I have to talk quite lous!