Monday, March 1, 2010

Bridge Challenge

To design and build a bridge made of fettucine!

Your bridge needs to:
* Support a 500 gram weight (a block of butter)
* Span a 35 cm gap.


* 500 gram packet of dried fettucine
* Hot glue guns
* Hot glue!


Anonymous said...

it was really fun designing the bridges MR D thankyou!!!!!!!!!!

celine malama said...

making the bridges were so fun especially when drawing it not eating it like matthew and will did!!!!!!!

celine malama

hannah said...

this was really really really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you go to see what bilding a bridg is like!!!!! so cool!!

Matthew said...

I cant wait to buld the briges out of fettacini it will be challenging because it breaks ezly and we have to span 35cm IT WILL BE COOL!

matty said...

i lov my fettucine brige design(mmmmmmmmmm,fettucine).Building the brige will probably be most challenging.

from matty

Carlotta said...

there are heps of different ideas to make a bridge out of fettucine that nead to support a 500gram object over a 35cm gap!



Rupert said...

it looks fun and cool a shame i missed out.

Anonymous said...

my partners were ryan and hannah from maddy!!!

Sergio said...

Hey looks like fun, wish i could go back to yr 5 & 6 to go to camp!

Anonymous said...

that was realy fun MR.D.I hope we do it aging. from piri.