Sunday, February 14, 2010

Journo rides luge track with helmet cam

Journo rides luge track with helmet cam - 3 Sport - Video - 3 News

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Anonymous said...

it looked awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
from mattista

Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks scary!


gareth said...

My favourite thing on camp was horse riding.The thing I did'nt particularly like was the water slide!I found the mud slide interesting the way they changed it by making it straight!

from Gareth

Leanne said...

What a super-fun blog Room 15,very well done.I thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through it and just had to stop when the family complained about not having had dinner yet!
Loved the colourful, distorted face paintings and of course the camp photo's are just awesome to look at over and over again!You're so lucky to have such dedicated teachers & helpers that organise and supervise the variety of exciting camp activities for you guys!
Looking forward to seeing the results of your specially designed confidence course!
Have a fun day!
From Leanne (Gareth's Mum!)